Sen. Joe Manchin Announcement of Kavanaugh Support Drowned Out By Chants of ‘SHAME!’

Moments after Sen. Joe Manchin announced his intention to vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation, he spoke to reporters in the halls of the Senate.

Or, he tried. The Democrat from West Virginia, the only member of the party who will vote to confirm President Donald Trump‘s nominee, was drowned out by protestors chanting “SHAME!” as he tried to give comments to reporters.

“You betrayed your country!” one protestor shouted at one point when the “Shame!” chants subsided.

“I will vote to support Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” Manchin first announced on Twitter, along with a statement explaining his decision. He made the announcement moments after key vote Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, announced her support for Kavanaugh in a lengthy speech on the Senate floor, effectively clinching the confirmation.

Manchin told reporters that he wanted to wait for Collins to give her speech before making his announcement. He told reporters that he “had to vote on the facts.”

Here’s a different angle of Manchin and the protestors:

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