Sen. John McCain Loses Temper On Senate Floor, Reprimands Sen. Max Baucus

Picture 6During the knock-down-and-drag-out 2008 election we heard all about Sen. John McCain’s infamous temper. At the time, it was the story of way back 1992 and Charles Grassley: “‘There was some shouting and shoving between them, but no punches,’ recalls a spectator, who said that Nebraska Democrat Bob Kerrey helped break up the altercation,” the Washington Post reported at the time. Today, we caught another glimpse, this time on the Senate floor. And on video!

Visibly peeved at Sen. Max Baucus, both about time regulations and health care wheeling and dealing, McCain’s voice goes a bit shaky as he steps out from behind his podium. “He is violating the rules of the Senate!,” McCain exlaims. “I thought he would’ve learned them by now!” Watch the less-than-polite exchange below:

UPDATE: Sen. John McCain is also extremely sick of his presidential campaign being brought up. He is not having a good day! Video below:

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