Sen. Kelly Loeffler Calls Criticism of Stock Trades ‘A Socialist Attack’ in Fox News Interview


Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), who faces continuing questions regarding her recent stock dumping amidst the coronavirus, is billing the criticism as “a socialist attack.”

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith, in an interview on Friday morning, peppered the senator with a variety of questions on the actions she is taking to aid in the response to the coronavirus, and then pivoted to ask about her stock dumps.

“We had you on this program within 24 hours of the news coming out suggesting that for some reason you had made an insider trade,” Loeffler said. “You and your husband with your individual investments, your private investments. You came on your program and denied that. You have since said you were going to liquidate your individual stock additions despite the fact that you are defending yourself on that. You said just to avoid the controversy in the criticism. Have you and your husband done that?”

“Yes, and I’ve been very open about addressing all those questions,” Loeffler replied.”This is a political attack that is designed to distract from the issue at hand and to use this outbreak to play politics. We have addressed this and taken extraordinary measures to make sure that we can’t be attacked for our success. This gets at the very heart of why I came to Washington, to defend free enterprise, to defend capitalism, and this is a socialist attack. We have taken extraordinary measures and I am focused solely on working for Georgians.”

The senator continues to maintain there was no wrongdoing done on her part.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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