Sen. Levin: No, Gen. Dempsey Didn’t Open Door to Ground Forces

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) thinks folks were hearing things during General Martin Dempsey’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee this morning. When asked if he thought Dempsey’s comments, that a limited American troop presence could be required in certain circumstances in the fight against ISIS, meant the general was opening the door to ground troops, Levin looked at reporters as if they were a dog that had just been shown a card trick.

“No,” Levin said. “He said they’re not needed.”

Levin was pressed on Dempsey’s comments, in which the general said that a specific mission, such as the retaking of Mosul, could be complex enough to require U.S. troops.

“Every military leader’s gonna say if there’s a change in circumstances he’s going to be open to a different recommendation,” Levin said. “That doesn’t mean he’s suggested they may be needed.”

“I think if the media reads this whole discussion here this morning as somehow or other that General Dempsey is suggesting that ground forces may be needed, I think you’re taking what he said in a way that he did not say and did not intend.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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