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Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Acts As If ‘Leading The Free World Is An Inconvenience’

American forces have joined the international community to impose a no fly zone in Libya, but some critics of President Obama are still not satisfied with his performance. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News Sunday and didn’t hesitate to suggest that many people have died while we waited to act and was curious why Obama treats international leadership like a “nuisance.”

Graham did offer some praise, saying “thank God for strong women in the Obama administration,” presumably referencing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice for their efforts. Graham stressed that since Gaddafi is an international criminal, our goal should be “isolate, strangle and replace this man.” Instead, he viewed Obama as having “caveated this way too much” and did not like America being in the backseat while the British and French have a more appropriate response.

Graham concluded, “we use to relish leading the free world and now it’s almost like leading the free world is an inconvenience.”

Watch the clip below from Fox:

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