Sen. Richard Blumenthal Fires Back at Trump: ‘I Will Not Be Distracted by This Bullying’


Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke with Wolf Blitzer on Monday, where he gave his first reaction to the latest blistering attack against him from President Trump.

Throughout out the day, Trump has been ripping on Blumenthal by invoking the senator’s 2010 scandal where he misrepresented his Marine Corps service by saying he participated in the Vietnam War. Trump sent out his latest Twitter slam against Blumenthal within minutes of his second appearance on CNN today.

Blitzer asked Blumenthal for his response to Trump, and the senator reiterated his points from this morning about how the special counsel investigation on Russia is a serious matter, and must be treated as such. Blumenthal said he doesn’t know why he draws Trump’s ire in particular, but he stood firm about how the country’s national security is the most important thing to focus on.

“I have no idea about what is in his mind. What I do know is I will not be distracted by this bullying,” Blumenthal said. “And these bullying tweets reinforce for me the need for a piece of legislation that I am helping to lead with [Senator] Thom Tillis and others, bipartisan coalition, to prevent firing of the special counsel Robert Mueller, who [Trump] has also sought to intimidate.”

Blumenthal applauded Mueller for setting up a grand jury since it will give his investigation “permanence and protection” as the White House continues to diminish its integrity. When asked if he had a direct response to Trump, Blumenthal said this:

“Let’s protect the independence and the integrity of the special counsel who is investigating Russia interference in our 2016 collection, possible collusion and conspiracy involving the Trump campaign, and allegations of obstruction of justice afterwards. That work is paramount in importance. It really is not about me.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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