Sen. Schumer Reaffirms Tea Party Is ‘Extreme’ And Doesn’t Know How Government Works

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer appeared with Christiane Amanpour and was asked about recent comments where he unintentionally revealed instructions to refer to the Tea Party as “extreme.” Schumer did not back down from the description, and explained further why he is not happy with the Tea Party’s influence in Washington.

Schumer argued that since “the Tea Party is the group standing in the way [of a budget compromise], they are extreme.” He also wanted to give Tea Party supporters a lesson in how the American government works and informed them it’s not “our way or no way,” as some Tea Party leaders would like. And, in order to cite an example of how “extreme” the Tea Party is, Schumer claimed that the Tea Party is in favor of cutting federal aid to students attending college, but not supportive of cutting subsidies to large oil companies.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions strongly took issue with Schumer’s characterization of the Tea Party, suggesting they are fundamentally right about the budget concerns. Yet, despite all the rhetoric and potential exciting drama of a government shutdown, both senators seemed highly doubtful that a shutdown will actually occur.

Watch the clip below from ABC:

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