Sen. Scott Brown Reveals To 60 Minutes He Was The Victim Of Child Sexual Abuse

Sen. Scott Brown has a new book coming out soon entitled “Against All Odds.” In it, he will show a new side to a public persona mostly made up of “out of nowhere” victories and hunky magazine pictorials. This new side will include him delving into a challenging childhood that, he now explains, included horrendous abuse at the hands of stepfathers as well as a camp counselor. Brown will give details of this in an upcoming 60 Minutes interview, some of which is now available online.

In the clip, Brown tells Lesley Stahl some disturbing details of one such experience with the counselor.

“Fortunately nothing was ever fully consummated, so to speak, but it was certainly, back then, very traumatic. He said ‘If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you. I will make sure that nobody believes you.’ And that’s the biggest thing. When people find people like me, at that young vulnerable age who are basically lost, the thing that they have over you is they make you believe that no one will believe you.”

The full interview will air this Sunday. Watch the clip below:

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