Sen. Ted Cruz to CNN: ‘Nasty Partisan Jabs’ Mean We’re Winning

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning and claimed that the heaping of criticism he’s taken over his strategy to shut down the government to defund or delay ObamaCare was simply a sign that his argument was taking hold.

“The fact that you’re seeing so many nasty partisan jabs from Democrats—” Cruz began.

“—and from Republicans,” host Candy Crowley reminded him.

“—but you just quoted the president, and certainly Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Democrats have not been shy in using all sorts of ad hominem, inflammatory attacks. That fact that you’re seeing those attacks is indicative of the fact that we’re winning the argument. ObamaCare isn’t working.”

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“ObamaCare hasn’t started,” Crowley said.

“But the harms have,” Cruz said. “People are losing their health insurance right now. That is because of ObamaCare. People are being pushed into part time work. That is because of ObamaCare.”

“Your Republican colleagues agree with you that they don’t want the president’s health care plan,” Crowley countered. “But they do not agree that shutting down the government is the appropriate way [to do it].”

Watch the full clip below, via CNN:

[Image via screengrab]

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