Sen. Wyden on Alleged Manafort Witness Tampering: Did He Do It Because Trump Promised Him Protection?

Given the news that Paul Manafort allegedly attempted witness tampering amid Robert Mueller’s probe, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon questioned whether or not Donald Trump offered him protection, given his ex-campaign manager’s “brazen” behavior.

“That Mr. Manafort feels free to engage in witness tampering while he is being watched by federal authorities certainly raises questions about whether the president promised Mr. Manafort he would never face justice,” argued Wyden while appearing on CNN today. “Mr. Manafort and this administration have shown contempt for the special counsel, contempt for checks and balances, contempt for the rule of law.”

Wyden also noted that “what we’re looking at are dangerous times for democracy” — referencing Manafort and Trump’s behavior in the face of legal scrutiny. The Oregon Democrat then added that it “looks like Manafort is going to play hard ball” instead of flipping and cooperating with Mueller’s investigation.

“As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Manafort was lucky to get out on bail. If he has done what he was alleged to have done, the judge would have every right to throw him in jail,” concluded Wyden.

Earlier today, reports came out saying Mueller accused Manafort of trying to convince witnesses to lie on his behalf while in court, which led the special counsel’s team to request that a judge ship him off to jail prior to his trial.

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