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Senator Ben Sasse Wins $5 After Gorsuch Says ‘Bigly’ At Hearing

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch inadvertently stirred up some laughs during the latest phase of his Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday by using a word “coined” by President Donald Trump.

CNN spotlighted the humorous moment in a Wednesday article. The federal judge was in the midst of explaining how John Hancock, the famed signer of the Declaration of Independence, was now known more for his signature than for any of his actions.

“No one remembers who John Hancock was, but they know that that’s his signature because he wrote his name so bigly — big and boldly,” Gorsuch outlined.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse jumped in and pointed out, “You just said bigly.”

The hearing attendees started laughing after the Republican’s remark. Senator Sasse added, “And I just won five bucks.”

HLN’s Erica Hill spotlighted the funny exchange on her program on Wednesday (see video above). However, she didn’t include what happened immediately afterwards.

Gorsuch admitted, “You embarrassed me in front of my nephew. And he loves it.” Senator Sasse replied, “He’s the one paying me the five bucks.”

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