Senator Claire McCaskill: Senate Republicans Looking For A ‘Scalp,’ Scapegoating Susan Rice

Sen. McCaskill: Senate Republicans Looking For A 'Scalp,' Scapegoating Susan Rice

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday morning and slammed Senate Republicans for their “unfair” scapegoating of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice: “This is a strong, smart, capable, accomplished woman, and I think there are too many people over there that are looking for a scalp.”

Appearing on the show with Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), McCaskill staunchly defended Rice and told host David Gregory that she felt there was a double-standard taking place because Former Sec. of State Candoleezza Rice did not face the same harsh criticism for her misleading remarks.

McCaskill also criticized Senate Republicans for not going after former CIA Director David Petraeus with as much outrage as was directed at Susan Rice:

“I do not understand for the life of me — the talking-points came from the intelligence community, yet you don’t hear one criticism of David Petraeus. It was his shop that produced the talking-points that Susan Rice talked about, and she mentioned al-Qaeda in the interviews.”

Watch the full clip below, via NBC:

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