Senator Scott Brown Asks DADT Witness ‘What Does Expedited Mean?’

Make no mistake: Senator Scott Brown is a smart man. He is a practicing lawyer who’s had a very successful career and was elected to replace Senator Ted Kennedy earlier this year. So it is a bit odd that during tioday’s Senate Armed Services Committee meeting over the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Senator Brown asked a witness to explain “what does expedited mean?” Surely he knows the definition. Or was he playing to a potentially confused audience of 50 or so CSPAN viewers (a demographic that almost certainly understand what “expedited” means)?

Senator Scott Brown‘s prior career as a model (and Cosmo centerfold) may have helped his political career, but it also cast a somewhat dubious reputation as “just another pretty face,” or even worse, not the sharpest too in the shed. That’s mostly an unfair portrayal, even if he has had his share of gaffes that have supported it.

Which is why the following clip from CSPAN is such a head-scratcher. Watch the clip from CSPAN and see for yourself.

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