‘Send Everyone!’ Chilling 911 Calls, Surveillance Video of Vegas Massacre Released by Police



“There’s people shot everywhere!”

The haunting words from a single call, one among over five hundred released by Las Vegas police Wednesday, along with surveillance video from several vantage points, providing new and terrifying insight into the massacre at Mandalay Bay last year. It is a chilling record of terror and anguish, hard to hear, but valuable to both our understanding of the events and our comprehension of the scale and horror of such tragedy.

“Send everybody, there’s a hundred people on the ground, bleeding out,” a man’s voice pleads with to a dispatcher. “Oh my God. Oh my God!”

The eerie silence of the surveillance video only highlights the frightening image of hundreds of people running for their lives, stumbling, taking cover, helping others.

CNN writes that in some of the video footage, “couples hold hands. Groups of about five, six, seven people link hands to keep from being separated. People help others who are wounded or too hurt to walk, lending a shoulder or an arm.”

This report from KSNV in Vegas has a lot of detail

We don’t know who on these tapes didn’t make it. We don’t know if we are hearing last words.

“Oh my God, my daughter! I’m so scared!” Her voice quakes as she hides with her family, desperately wanting to just live. She finds security. Thank God.

“The whole concert is dead on the ground!” His words embody panic and dismay. He can be heard in several news reports today. It is a dread you can feel, even separated by time and distance and technology.

KSNV published some of the calls in their entirety. Here are two of them.

Please remember that these are raw 911 tapes, so listen at your own risk.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo says there is still no known motive, and doesn’t expect one will be determined.

The media is still sifting through the massive release of audio and video in the hopes of finding some answers. Or at least some way to understand what happened.

If in fact we ever truly can.

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