Senior Trump Official to CNN: It ‘Has Become the Norm’ For Trump to Alarm Staff With ‘Absurd Demands’


CNN reported on Friday that a senior Trump administration official told CNN anchor Jake Tapper it was not surprising to read in the Mueller report that White House staffers frequently declined to carry out some of President Donald Trump’s “absurd demands.”

“That the President makes absurd demands of his staff and Administration officials — who are alarmed by them and reluctant to follow them — is not only unsurprising but has become the norm,” the official told CNN.

CNN’s John King announced Tapper’s reporting on air.

“Again, this reporting is important to sort of understand the mindset there, but this is — from day one of this administration whether it’s law and order issues like this, which is critically important, or immigration policy or tax policy or healthcare policy, being told by people pay no attention to what the president says. Pay no attention to what the president tweets. He’s a temperamental hothead, sometimes a blow hard, these people who work for him, not our words. Just watch what we do, not what he says,” King explained.

“It’s a crucial point because the Mueller report indicates half a dozen instance where aides or advisers refused to carry out directives that came from the president and this may be partly why the president didn’t get into deeper water on obstruction of justice because Mueller said the president tried but did not succeed base people refused his orders,” Sahil Kapur, national political reporter for Bloomberg News, added. “I wonder if that’s something that’s affecting the president and one of the reasons that democratic institutions can survive authoritarian tendencies because they note law is more powerful individual, even the president.”

“And they were smart enough to know that they didn’t go to jail,” King added.

Watch above, via CNN.

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