Sens. McCain and Graham Deliver Remarks After WH Meeting on Syria

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham held a joint press conference following a meeting on potential military strikes in Syria at the White House with President Obama. Both Republicans were slightly more convinced of the administration’s strategy in Syria, but were still fairly skeptical and even critical of the president, with Graham saying Obama has “no one to blame but himself” for the public’s lack of understanding about the current crisis in Syria.

Both McCain and Graham talked about pushing a strategy that would degrade Assad’s capabilities and upgrade the opposition forces, calling for a “more sustained military effort” in Syria, as well as giving opposition forces a chance to “speak directly to the American people.” Graham said they believe “Syrians by nature are not al-Qaeda sympathizers,” and warned that not acting in Syria would send a bad signal to Iran over its weapons programs.

McCain warned that if Congress rejects military strikes after Obama’s big statement saying he wants to act, “the consequences would be catastrophic” and the credibility of the country would be “shredded.” Graham, meanwhile, said Obama needs to “up his game” and keep making the case for military strikes to the public.

Watch the video below, via CNN:


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