Sessions Criticized Comey on Clinton Investigation Today, But Defended Him Last Year

Today Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that he agrees with the assessment that James Comey mishandled the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But he didn’t feel that way last year.

An ABC News report from last month getting renewed attention today shows how after Comey released that infamous October letter on the investigation, Sessions defended Comey and said, “FBI Director Comey did the right thing when he found new evidence. He had no choice but to report to the American Congress where he had under oath testified.”

Sessions told Senator Jack Reed during his testimony today that the discussion about Comey’s mishandling was “bipartisan,” explaining, “Democrats were very unhappy about the way he conducted himself and in retrospect, in looking at it, I think it was more egregious than I may have even understood at the time.”

Well, Reed then proceeded to bring up his past praise of Comey and grill him on that

“So in July and November, Director Comey was doing exactly the right thing. You had no criticism of him. You felt that in fact he was a skilled professional prosecutor. You felt that his last statement in October was fully justified. So how can you go from those statements to agreeing with Mr. Rosenstein and then asking the president or recommending that he be fired?”

Sessions said that “it probably would have been better and would have been consistent with the rules of the Department of Justice to never have talked about the investigation to begin with.”

However, in talking about Comey’s July remarks last October, Sessions had then said, “I didn’t like the meeting that you mentioned on the airplane that put Comey in a position that he had to make this announcement.”

You can watch his exchange with Reed above, via CNN.

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