Seth Meyers Absolutely Revels in End of Trump Presidency: ‘I Can See Colors Again!’


Seth Meyers reveled in the end of Donald Trump’s presidency on Wednesday’s Late Night, joking that now he can finally “see colors again.”

“That’s right — Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States,” he said. “And look, this isn’t going to solve all our problems, but it will remove a big one. If you’re addicted to heroin, gambling, and prostitutes and you only quit heroin, that’s still a huge step.”

“Wow, all right. So that’s what it feels like when you’re not grinding your teeth. I forgot, and I think — yeah, I can see colors again,” the late night joked before introducing his first Closer Look of President Joe Biden’s term.

Meyers joked that getting rid of Trump was like saying goodbye to the last person at your party after you’ve dropped multiple hints that it’s time for them to leave.

“You spent four years yawning and stretching, and hinting that he should get out, and when he finally leaves, it is a relief, until you remember you still have to clean up all his puke and he, like, puked everywhere,” the host quipped.

After celebrating his exit from the White House, Meyers went on to roast Trump’s farewell speech, zeroing in on his questionable choice of closing words. 

“‘Have a good life?’ That’s not a presidential farewell. That’s what your high school crush writes in your yearbook as a final twist of the knife: ‘I guess we won’t be seeing each other with me going to Bryn Mawr and you staying here to chase your kickboxing dreams so, have a good life,’” the host joked before mocking Trump’s promise to “be back in some form.”

“‘In some form?’ What does that mean?” Meyers asked before mimicking Trump:‘Whenever you see a black plastic bag stuck in a tree, or a vulture on the shoulder of the highway pulling the guts out of a dead raccoon, that’ll be me.’”

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