Seth Meyers Blasts ‘Incompetent’ Trump for Not Being Able to Get His ‘Pointless Border Wall’

Seth Meyers blasted President Donald Trump for the failures of his “biggest scams” on Wednesday.

“All of President Trump’s biggest scams are crumbling on him,” the Late Night host said, before going through a laundry list of investigations that Trump is facing, including the closure of his charity, which Trump reportedly used as his own personal piggyback and legal fund.

“So Trump used his charity to pay for lawsuits which then prompted a lawsuit that ended the charity,” Meyers quipped, before suggesting the president start a new charity called “March of Crimes.”

He then said Trump’s wall was his biggest scam of all.

“Trump wanted $5 billion for a pointless border wall to enforce his racist immigration policies but he was too incompetent to figure out how to get it,”  Meyers continued on.

Meyers then noted in the same White House meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Trump said it would be both Democrats and then his fault if the government shut down.

“Amazing, he started the meeting by calling it a Pelosi shut down and ended it by saying it’s my shut down,” he said before suggesting if Trump were ever arrested he would say, “I want to go to jail, that was my plan…handcuffs?”

Watch above, via NBC

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