Seth Meyers Blisters Trump: ‘We Need an Audit Just to Figure Out What the Hell’ He’s Saying


Seth Meyers lambasted President Donald Trump on Monday night for refusing to release his tax returns.

After playing a clip of Trump saying he would “love” to release his tax returns but can’t because of an audit, Meyers panned Trump’s excuse making, noting: “He sounds like a scientist insisting on giving a TED talk despite a recent massive head wound.”

The Late Night host also said this: “He’ll tease it up like he is about switch gears, and then just repeats himself again.”

Meyers further quipped that Trump, “knowing that the audit excuse is a transparent lie,” has moved on to another excuse — that his taxes are too “complex.”

Meyers then concluded, “we need an audit” just to figure “what the hell” Trump is saying.

“Why does the president of the United States always sound like spam email asking you for your social security number,” he asked.

Watch above, via NBC

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