Seth Meyers Breaks Down Why Trump is ‘Freaked Out’ About Mueller’s Testimony


Seth Meyers tackled President Donald Trump’s phone call with Vladimir Putin to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Meyers was fixated on Trump’s claim that Putin “smiled” about the investigation.

“How did you know he was smiling?” Meyers asked. “Did you try to call him and accidentally hit the FaceTime button, grandpa? Putin doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would FaceTime unless he’s beaming into the U.N. on a giant screen demanding $1 billion or he’ll kill James Bond.”

“Now, given that Trump and his attorney general William Barr have repeatedly lied about the Mueller report, Democrats in the House have asked for Mueller himself to come testify,” the Late Night host continued. “So naturally, Trump freaked out on Twitter.”

Meyers aired some of Trump’s lengthy tweets from his Twitter-heavy weekend, before joking how the president seems “100 years old and seven years old at the same time.”

“I thought you said Mueller exonerated you, why don’t you want him to testify?” Meyers asked, before impersonating the president: “‘I’m afraid he’ll make me look too innocent. I have to maintain some of my criminal mystique.’”

Watch above, via NBC.

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