Seth Meyers: Cohen Office Raid Like a ‘Series Finale’ That Tries to Tie All the Plot Lines Together


On Tuesday night, Seth Meyers addressed the FBI raid of President Trump‘s personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

Meyers began by joking that the president has “more legal problems than Conor McGregor” and “just as many concussions” and went on to comment how Special Counsel Robert Mueller tipped off investigators looking into the financial transaction between Cohen and Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election.

“This is like the series finale of a TV show where they try to tie all the different plot lines together,” Meyers said. “If Trump ever goes on trial, they’re gonna call characters from previous episodes into the courtroom like the last episode of Seinfeld.”

The Late Night host mocked Trump’s early morning tweets that claimed that “attorney-client privilege is dead” and followed up by saying this is a “total witch hunt.

“What is Trump’s strategy here, to act so guilty, the feds will think he has to be innocent?” Meyers asked. “You know the insanity defense only works after you’ve been arrested, right?”

Meyers took shots at Cohen’s loyalty to Trump when he said he cares about him as a friend and more than his attorney and employee.

“Yes, it’s just a thing a friend does for a friend,” Meyers continued. “Like when your buddy forgets his wallet, so you pay for his coffee. Except instead of coffee, it’s a porn star. And instead of forgetting his wallet, he forgot his wedding vows.”

He also mocked Trump for “throwing Cohen under the bus” by telling the press that they should ask him about his payment to Stormy Daniels.

“That’s right, he said, ‘Ask Michael Cohen’ and it looks like the FBI said, ‘okay!'” he quipped.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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