Seth Meyers Calls Out Own Network NBC For Airing Trump Ad: GOP ‘Trafficking in Open Racism’


Seth Meyers‘ final “Closer Look” segment before the 2018 midterm elections pulled no punches. Among the targets of his ire: NBC, his own network, which he called out for airing President Donald Trump‘s controversial immigration ad that many decried as racist.

“Now, this ad was so racist that CNN refused to air it, and today, NBC and Fox News said they would stop airing it,” Meyers said. “Any network should have seen it for what it was and turned it down right away, but unfortunately, not every one did.”

“You couldn’t find anything else to fill thirty seconds of ad time during a game between the Patriots and the Packers?” Meyers asked. “I mean, hell, just give us a livestream of Tom Brady on the sidelines in that giant coat.”

The conclusion of Meyers’ extensive “Closer Look” took aim at not just Trump, but the Republican Party as a whole:

“This election has made clear what the modern GOP has become: a party that traffics in open racism and sells its voters culture war rhetoric while enriching themselves at taxpayer’s expense,” he said. “They’re hoping racist fear mongering will distract you while they rob you. And they’re hoping you won’t care if the president is a crazy lunatic.”

Meyers wasn’t the first late night host this week to stick it to his corporate overlords. HBO’s John Oliver, on Last Week Tonight Sunday, called out his parent company AT&T for their support of Rep. Steve King, who has been condemned by his own party for flirting with white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Watch above, via NBC.

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