Seth Meyers Explains How Bernie Has Entered the ‘Betty White Zone’ With Youth-Popularity

‘Late Night’ host Seth Meyers is still talking about Sunday’s Democratic Debate, even as plenty of people continue to scrutinize the Democratic National Committee’s scheduling for days where it is less likely to be watched.

Meyers began by talking about how this is not the first time that Hillary Clinton has seen her frontrunner status slip. “It’s 2008 all over again. A young handsome, charismatic challenger has entered the race,” Meyers said, with a screenshot of Martin O’Malley. “And he’s losing the race by 40 points to Waldorf from the Muppets.”

Meyers went on to note that Sanders has matched Clinton despite receiving less media and upsetting the expectations of many regarding how well he’d resonate with voters. Sanders is doing particularly well with younger voters, with Meyers noting how the senator has been appreciated for his campaigning as a seemingly normal person. He even picked up endorsements like that of rapper Killer Mike.

In the end, Meyers described the phenomenon as Sanders having entered ‘the Betty White zone,’” by breaking through his old age by creating a mass appeal with those younger than him. This was an area where Meyers thought he beat Clinton for sure, for when she panders to the younger generation, she only enters “the white zone.”

Watch above, via NBC

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