Seth Meyers Goes Off on Trump’s ‘Sociopathic’ Campaign Strategy: ‘Bald-Faced Racism Is Their Only Hope of Winning’


Late-night host Seth Meyers accused President Donald Trump of embracing a racist campaign strategy during his “A Closer Look” segment — arguing doing so is the administration’s “only hope of winning.”

Meyers accused Trump of using racism to distract the nation from his failures and to protect his political allies, including Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone. The latter was allegedly treated differently by the Department of Justice because of his relationship with the president, according to a top prosecutor in his case.

“Trump is using the cover of a series of acute national crises from institutional racism and police brutality to the pandemic to the economic crash to dismantle the rule of law and protect himself and his cronies,” Meyers said. “It’s like if [Richard] Nixon had managed to distract everyone from Watergate by crashing his car into a Dairy Queen.”

The host played a clip of Trump riffing on the coronavirus pandemic during his rally in Arizona, using the offensive phrase “kung flu” as a way to amp up his crowd, adding that the term would have been considered racist in the 1920s.

“That’s like something a racist fourth grader would spray paint in the bathroom and get expelled for,” he added. “Unless that school required two-thirds of the Senate to vote to expel in which case Susan Collins would be telling us, ‘I think Timmy has learned his lesson in regards to spray painting.'”

Meyers accused Trump of using racism as his last strategy to win in November, claiming that his response to the coronavirus pandemic — and the slumping economy — has been unsuccessful.

“This is all Trump has left, doubling down on explicit racism,” he said. “He and his allies on the right have very few tricks left in his re-election bag, they’ve apparently settled on a strategy of racist fear-mongering about Black Lives Matter protests, undermining the integrity of the election itself, and assuring you that the president’s right arm is strong enough to hold a glass of water.”

“This is a sociopathic political movement concerned only with amassing and maintaining power, and they’ve decided, amid Trump’s many failures, to double down on crude, bald-faced racism as their only hope of winning,” Meyers later added.

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