Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s Alleged Evidence Noshing: They May Need a Search Warrant for His Belly


On Monday night, Seth Meyers brought up an insane bit of reporting that has long since been buried by the endless stream of Trump news.

Back when former White House aide Omarosa Manigault‘s book came out, the former Apprentice villain claimed that she saw President Donald Trump munching on paper in the Oval Office.

Talking about that tasty tidbit from Manigualt’s tell-all, Meyers suggested that Trump’s alleged evidence-noshing could possibly explain what happened to the interpreter notes of his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The president has reportedly concealed those notes his own administration officials.

“Now we don’t know what Trump did with those notes [from the interpreter], but we do know that in her tell-all book former Trump aide Omarosa said she saw Trump trying to destroy evidence by eating a piece of paper in the Oval Office,” Meyers said during the Closer Look segment.

He then noted that if that was said about any other president, that “insane” anecdote would hardly be forgettable.

However,  Meyers quipped, “for Trash Cans Jones it doesn’t even crack the top 100.”

The late-night comedian then joked, “We for real have a president who might one day say, ‘If you want my notes you will need a search warrant for my belly.’”

It is important to note other White House aides have contradicted Manigault’s claim that the president of the United States is a paper eater.

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