Seth Meyers on GOP Debate Demands: ‘Any Sandwich Is Crap’ With 14+ Ingredients


Late Night host Seth Meyers took a crack at the GOP’s growing distaste for media-run debates following last week’s “crap sandwich” of a debate on CNBC.

Of particular interest to the Saturday Night Live alum was RNC Chairman Reince Priebus‘s (whose name Meyers understandably fumbled) declaration that the debate was, as noted above, a “crap sandwich.” It’s a rather interesting bit of mud to sling at the media, especially since the news business is famous for its otherwise pristine sandwich selections. Hence Meyers’ fascination with the insult.

“Reince isn’t wrong. It was a crap sandwich,” joked Meyers, before adding: “One of the problems is that any sandwich is crap if it has 14 or more ingredients.” Cue the amassed images of every major Republican presidential candidate.

Meyers then went through the meticulous demands outlined by a letter co-written by the GOP candidates (minus Donald Trump, of course), which asked for things like demanding they (the candidates) raise their hands to answer a question, and employing a gong, buzzer or bell to indicate when a candidate’s turn to answer a question or respond to a criticism was over.

“I know this isn’t up to me, but I vote gong.” said Meyers. “In fact, let’s take a look at how the last debate would’ve gone with a gong.” Cue the annoyingly repetitive sound of a gong, magically turned into a soothing salve for the annoyingly repetitive sound of the candidates’ constant interjections.

Check out the clip above, via NBC.

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