Seth Meyers Refudiates Link Between Sarah Palin And William Shakespeare On SNL‘s “Weekend Update”

In an aside during SNL‘s “Weekend Update” segment, Seth Meyers chastised the New Oxford American Dictionary for selecting Sarah Palin‘s literary “fender-bender” refudiate as the 2010 Word of the Year. The stern lecture, titled “Come on, Dictionary,” had the exasperated fake news host urging the Oxford University Press not to celebrate Palin’s accidental mash-up and producing evidence as to why the Alaskan politician is no William Shakespeare.

The critical Meyers had only enough time to offer “a couple of differences” between the Bard and the Mama Grizzly. “For one: when Shakepseare coined new words, it wasn’t by accident,” he informed the OUP’s lexicographers, a group that he apparently assumes are SNL fans. He then shifted from history to prehistory, noting that a portmanteau like gynosaur—”a gynecologist dinosaur”—would be a more adequate contender for Word of the Year. “You can’t just change the ‘P’ in a word to an ‘F’ and say that you came up with a new word.” He demonstrated his point: “New Oxford American Dictionary, please stop rafing the English language.” And with that, he concluded his dispatch.

Watch SNL‘s Seth Meyers get mad at the dictionary in the NBC clip below:

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