Seth Meyers Rips GOP for Using Hyperpartisan Rhetoric to Obstruct Hillary’s Future Presidency


Seth Meyers accused the Republican Party of hypocrisy last night as he argued that they are working ahead of time to make sure that a Hillary Clinton presidency is de-legitimized at all costs.

As he turned towards Donald Trump‘s most recent statements, Meyers noted how the mogul and his supporters have done everything they could to suggest that Clinton is an absolute criminal who would create a constitutional crisis if she wins. The Late Night host said that anti-Clinton rhetoric has become “increasingly unhinged” and threatening recently, and that GOPers have threatened to impeach, and investigate her the moment she steps inside the Oval Office.

Meyers was particularly incensed that the GOP would also block Clinton’s Supreme Court picks after months of saying that the next president should get to be the one who decides Antonin Scalia‘s replacement.

“Poor Merrick Garland. Do you remember him? The guy Obama nominated to fill the seat eight months ago? He’s probably wandering around the halls of Congress like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. The hypocrisy here is especially brazen when you consider Republicans’ excuse for not confirming Garland in the first place was that we should wait for the election, and let the voters decide who they want to fill in the seat.”

All in all, Meyers concluded that if Clinton wins the election, the next move for congressional Republicans will be to paralyze her administration as much as possible.

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