Seth Meyers Rips Mike Pence: ‘He’s Just as Slippery of a Liar’ as Trump

Seth Meyers ripped Vice President Mike Pence during his latest show and claimed he was just as slippery of a liar as others in the administration, including Donald Trump.

Meyers started out by showing a number of clips of Pence denying Russian meddling.

“And, you know, he doesn’t get as much credit for it, but Mike Pence is just as slippery of a liar as anyone else in this administration,” Meyers said. “The only difference is when he lies he crinkles his brow and uses a solemn tone. And when Trump lies, he sweats like a fugitive being chased by a pack of police dogs.”

The late-night host then showed back to back videos from 2017 comparing how Pence and Trump lie in front of the cameras.

“It’s like when the cops separate two suspects in a bank heist and one of them says, ‘I’d like to speak to my lawyer.’ And the other guy is in the next room screaming, ‘It was all Mike’s idea!’” Meyers said.

Watch above, via NBC

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