Seth Meyers: Fox News Prefers ‘An Alternate Reality Where Hillary is President’

On Thursday night, Seth Meyers took some shots at Fox News for their recent coverage.

The Late Night host ripped Fox Businesses’ Lou Dobbs for his softball interview with President Trump.

“Usually when you see an old dude slobber that much, he has a nurse with him,” Meyers quipped.

He accused Fox News of being more interested in “the candidate that didn’t win” Hillary Clinton because of his unpopularity and scandals and played a montage of clips that refer to the latest Uranium One deal and Trump dossier developments as the “real Russia” collusion.

Meyers then singled out Sean Hannity for being “obsessed” with the Trump dossier and mocked the “BMW Frankenstein” for repeating an embarrassing excerpt involving urine and Russian prostitutes.

“Fox News would much rather talk about Hillary than Donald Trump,” Meyers said. ” That’s because the right in the Trump era doesn’t have coherent principles or an ideology. It just have enemies. Which is why they prefer to have an alternate reality where Hillary is president.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC (start around the 3:30 mark).


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