Seth Meyers Takes Closer Look at Alabama Abortion Ban: ‘Blatantly Unconstitutional’


Seth Meyers dedicated his latest “Closer Look” segment to what he called the Republican “war on reproductive rights” in light of Alabama passing legislation banning most abortions without exceptions for rape or incest.

The Late Night host took aim at an admission from Alabama’s governor that the abortion law is likely unenforceable because of Roe v. Wade.

“Think about that: they passed a bill they know is unconstitutional, and they don’t care,” Meyers said. “Can you imagine how Republicans would react if New York and California passed laws just banning all gun ownership? The NRA would send out an all-caps email saying ‘TYRANNY IS HERE’, Trump would tweet something like, ‘Gun grabbin’ libs, not nice!!!!!!’, and Sean Hannity would scream so loud that the screen on your TV would crack.”

“It will not shock you to learn that some of the men voting for these bills have no idea how pregnancy or reproduction work,” Meyers continued, citing Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-AL) who made some staggeringly ill-informed remarks about abortion.

“I’m not trained medically so I don’t know the proper medical terminology and timelines,” Chambliss said. “But from what I’ve read, what I’ve been told, there’s some period of time before you can know a woman is pregnant.”

“Wait: You’re not medically trained? Because you fucking nailed it dude,” Meyers reacted. “Did it really not ever occur to you to look into the terminology and timelines before voting on this bill?”

Meyers argued the abortion bill is not “about protecting life” but “depriving women of their basic human rights.”

“But of course, this isn’t about protecting life. If that’s what it was about then Republicans would invest money in maternity care, parental leave, universal pre-K, or any number of policies that would actually help families raise children. What it’s really about is depriving women of their basic human rights.

Meyers concluded by calling the abortion bills “blatantly unconstitutional” and an attempt to overturn Roe at the Supreme Court.

Watch above, via NBC.

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