Seth Meyers Tears Apart Trump’s Potential List of Pardons, Mocks Him For Meeting With MyPillow CEO


Seth Meyers dug into President Donald Trump’s final decisions as commander-in-chief — tearing into his list of potential pardons before mocking him for spending his last hours in office with the CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell.

“President Trump tomorrow is reportedly planning to issue at least 100 pardons and commutations,” Meyers said at the start of his Monday night monologue. “He said he wanted to give so many so that it would be even more hilarious when [Rudy] Giuliani doesn’t get one.”

Meyers then mocked Trump for considering pardoning Steve Bannon, joking that he’s not sure what he could have done considering he looks like he’s been shipwrecked for at least 10 years.

“Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I’d like to think he’d have a good laugh if he knew the F.B.I. had to spend this federal holiday tracking down and arresting thousands of white supremacists,” Meyers quipped. “He did have a second dream, and that was it.” 

The host later pointed out that although he could have, Trump decided not to spend his final days in office meeting with public health experts in order to address the recent surge of coronavirus cases.

Instead, Trump spent his time meeting with Lindell: The MyPillow Guy.

Lindell, a close confidante of Trump, was spotted leaving the Oval Office on Friday with notes that appeared to list ways the president could overturn the election in his final days left.

The title of Lindell’s notes read, “TAKEN IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE THE … THE CONSTITUTION,” while the phrase “martial law if necessary” can also be seen.

“Hmmm, guy with a five-point plan to build the infrastructure for mass vaccination during a deadly pandemic, or a guy whose best friend is obviously a psychotic pillow salesman ― it’s a coin flip!” Meyers joked about Trump’s decision to ditch the doctors for Lindell.

“This situation is so perfectly indicative of the Trump era,” Meyers said of the men setting up last-minute meetings with the president. “Instead of saying, ‘No, get out,’ they all go to absurd lengths to debase themselves to accommodate Trump and a circle of crazy old men with mysteriously brown hair.”

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