Seth Meyers Zings Trump’s Paper Towel Tosses: ‘Looks Like a Drunk Grandfather Playing Pop-a-Shot’

As you may recall, President Donald Trump made a trip to Puerto Rico on Tuesday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. During his visit, the president made headlines for some of his comments, such as telling the devastated island that it was throwing America’s budget out of whack. And then there was the paper towel tossing.

In his ‘Closer Look’ segment on Wednesday’s broadcast of Late Night, host Seth Meyers took aim at Trump’s visit to the island. Besides knocking POTUS for constantly fishing for praise and bringing up the budget, Meyers took some shots at Trump for deciding to lob paper towel rolls at hurricane survivors.

“They were hit with a Category Five hurricane and you’re handing out paper towels?” and incredulous Meyers asked. “How absorbent do you think they are?”

He added, “He looks like a drunk grandfather playing pop-a-shot at Dave and Busters. ‘Grandpa, we have to go!’ ‘I’m close to getting enough tickets for a giant pencil!'”

The late-night comic went on to highlight all the times Trump has told those dealing with a major disaster to “have a good time,” noting that Trump apparently has no idea what to do during a crisis so he just sort of rambles.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

[image via screengrab]

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