‘Sexual Predator’ and ‘Disgusting Human Being’: CNN Panel Erupts Over Trump’s Treatment of Women

CNN Tonight took a turn for the worst on Wednesday after pro-Donald Trump commentator Paris Dennard wound up in a shouting match as he tried to defend how the president has treated women.

Lemon began by saying that Ivanka Trump might be turning into a polarizing figure, based on the chilly reception the First Daughter got a political panel in Germany this week. After discussing how much influence Ivanka really has over her father, Lemon asked Kayleigh McEnany whether Ivanka “hurts women” by choosing not to talk about Trump’s controversial moments on Access Hollywood and his fight with Megyn Kelly.

McEnany argued that Trump wants to focus on current issues, but Democratic strategist Jonathan Tasani ripped Trump’s treatment of women as he called the president a “sexual predator” and a “disgusting human being.” Paris Dennard shot back at the remarks from Tasani and Maria Cardona, saying he was “tired of liberals” beating up on Republican women working with Trump.

Lemon asked Dennard if he was tired of Trump demeaning women, to which, he responded “I didn’t hear the president demean women when he was running for president.” Tasani brought up Trump’s Access Hollywood comments once again, and the segment promptly dissolved into a food fight.

Watch above, via CNN.

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