‘Shaken’ Scottie Nell Hughes Responds to SNL Mockery: ‘Ultimate Shaming, Sexism’

It’s well-known that every weekend during the election cycle, Saturday Night Live is going to open its show with a cold open that skewers the latest in cable news, town halls, or Presidential debates. This past weekend show cast member Cecily Strong portrayed Trump supporter and frequent CNN guest Scottie Nell Hughes, in a hilarious depiction of female Trump fans justifying the candidate’s history of rhetoric:

The sketch identifies Hughes as a “full-blown nutjob,” and Strong’s depiction (opposite Kate McKinnon‘s impersonation of CNN’s Kate Bolduan) at one point cried, “You can’t break me Kate, ‘cuz I’m crazy! And crazy don’t break!”

Although Hughes attempted to diffuse the situation on CNN Sunday morning with a laugh — saying, “You know, I have a great sense of humor” — the truth came out about how she felt being brutally mocked by the most-watched political comedy powerhouse in an election year.

“Talk about the ultimate shaming, the ultimate sexism. You know, what does ‘SNL’ want me to do, be barefoot and pregnant or maybe just talk about parenting issues?” Hughes later got even more candid with The Blaze, admitting, “I’m a little shaken after this. I had no idea this was coming,” and that “tears have been shed,” since the cold open aired Saturday night.

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