Shame On A Mika: Morning Joe Crew Disses Wu-Tang Clan

Hide your kids, America, it looks like the Morning Joe crew is trying to start some beef with Wu-Tang Clan, and you don’t want to be anywhere near them when it jumps off. On Friday morning’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski and a panel consisting of Steve Rattner, Jon Meacham, and what appeared to be Deney Terrio‘s grown nephew, obviously forgot what Ol’ Dirty said, and took several gratuitous shots at the iconic hip-hop collective, while marveling at the mad skillz of Holly Maniatty, an American Sign Language interpreter who held it down at a recent Bonnaroo performance. This short clip of Holly’s performance has gone viral, and was the subject of Morning Joe‘s slow-news-day segment:

Meacham drew laughs from his cohorts when, in introducing the clip, he ranked Wu-Tang Clan “right above Lowell Thomas in my collection,” and somewhat Eric Sevareid-adjacent, because Jon Meacham doesn’t listen to silly things like music. After playing a Jimmy Kimmel bit featuring Holly’s Wu-Tang performance, though, panelist Brian Schactman and Mika dropped some major disrespect on the legendary group.

“What was that band?” a puzzled Brzezinski asked, wrinkling her nose like she just got a whiff of a Joe Scarborough left-cheek-sneak.

“The Wu-Tang clan,” Schactman answered.

“They’re right below Lowell Thomas,” Meacham chimed in, skillfully employing the callback.

“You can give them a Google,” Schactman said. “They’re not your type of sound, baby.”

“Maybe it was the audio,” Brzezinski snapped.

“That was them sounding good,” Schactman double-snapped.

Oh, snap. As a matter of fact, though, the busted audio on that clip wasn’t Wu-Tang Clan sounding good, but maybe the group will send the MJ crew a copy of their 20th anniversary album, as soon as it drops. There’s still time for them to include some Lowell Thomas samples.

As for viral sensation Holly Maniatty, she says hip-hop is becoming her “thing,” and told Hollywood Prospectus’ Amos Barshad what it was like to prep for the Wu set:

So with Wu Tang …

… I assume there was a lot of research?

They were a lot of work. I think like 50 hours of work for them? ‘Cause there’s so many, and they have such a canon of songs, and you didn’t know who was gonna be there. You figure Ghostface Killa’s gonna be there, Method Man, but then you’re not sure … and specifically because they’ve been writing music for so long, when did they write that song? What was going on during that time? Some of their work references the Rodney King beating. You have to make sure that whatever you’re referencing goes with the era that they wrote the song in.

I assume they didn’t have a set list that you could check out ahead of time?

Nooo. They definitely didn’t. I asked the sound guy and he just kind of laughed. I was like, got it.

Maniatty is a 13-year veteran of ASL translation, and does lots of concerts. Since Wu-Tang Clan isn’t quite Morning Joe’s flavor, they might enjoy this Holly Maniatty performance instead, with The Boss in 2012:

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