‘Shame on Mueller’: Dershowitz Rips ‘Law School Essay’ Report Over Obstruction Findings


Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz railed against Robert Mueller on Sunday after it was revealed by the attorney general that the special counsel did not reach a conclusion in his report as to whether the president committed obstruction of justice.

Mueller’s report, according to a summary by Attorney General William Barr, did not find that Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia, but did not make a determination on obstruction, instead leaving that up to Barr. Barr concluded, after reviewing Mueller’s report, that there wasn’t enough evidence Trump committed an obstruction offense.

Dershowitz was not pleased. “I thought it was a cop-out,” Dershowitz said on Fox News. Taking issue with Mueller’s report suggesting Trump may have committed obstruction whilst declining to draw a legal conclusion, the professor said the report “sounds like a law school exam. That’s not the job of a prosecutor.”

He compared Mueller’s report to former FBI director James Comey‘s controversial decision to criticize Hillary Clinton whilst declining to indict her.

“Traditionally, prosecutors are not allowed to say anything about people they decided not to indict,” Dershowitz said. “But Mueller just couldn’t resist.”

“Shame on Mueller for not having the guts to come to one decision or another,” Dershowitz exclaimed. “That’s what prosecutors are paid to do.”

Dershowitz did give the Mueller report credit for doing “a good job of de-politicizing at least on the collusion, conspiracy, Russian interference.”

“But I think it did an abysmal job on the issue of obstruction of justice,” he continued. “We, the American public, are entitled to a yes or no decision, not some law school essay on what arguments there are on both sides of this issue. That was a serious mistake.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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