Shannon Bream Can’t Get Giuliani to Quit Talking: ‘Oh Boy, You are Making Another Headline Tonight’

President Donald Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani made headlines on Shannon Bream‘s Fox News show Friday night when he announced he was not going to the Ukraine.

Yet, when it came time for the interview to end, Giuliani just didn’t take the hint.

“Tell me if this wouldn’t be major news if this were the Trumps,” Giuliani said, referring to the Biden son investigation which he planned to address in the Ukraine. “With the same allegations, do you think they would be putting the focus on me?”

“Mr. Mayor, we are out of time!” Bream interjected.

“Don’t bother to answer!” Giuliani snapped back, keeping his argument going strong.

“Mr. Mayor please keep us in touch with what is going on,” Bream then said before stressing that for now, they would just let the world know he was not going to the Ukraine, once again hinting it was time to go.

Giuliani continued on anyhow.

“We are out of time,” Bream repeated.

“Maybe I will take executive privilege or something… we will see,” Giuliani then said.

“Oh boy, you are making another headline tonight,” Bream told him, before thanking him for dropping in and trying to bring the talk to a close.

“They are really pathetic and scared and they are on defense,” Giuliani pressed on.

“All right, we’ve got to go. Thank you for dropping in,” Bream then said, finally ending the interview and moving on.

Watch above, via Fox News

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