Sharknado 3 President Mark Cuban: I Would ‘Crush’ Trump if I Ran for Office (UPDATED)


Billionaire Mark Cuban, who played the President of the United States in SyFy’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, said that Donald Trump‘s campaign for the 2016 GOP nomination has inspired him. In addition, the Dallas Mavericks owner told CNBC’s Eamon Javers that he could easily “crush” the New York real estate mogul if he were running.

“I get asked every day,” said Cuban of being asked about running for office. “It’s a fun idea to toss around. If I ran as a Dem, I know I could beat Hillary Clinton. And if it was me vs. Trump, I would crush him. No doubt about it.”

The billionaire went on to say that a “three-comma POTUS,” or a U.S. president with a personal net worth of at least $1,000,000,000, just might work.

“If we have a 3 comma POTUS,” he wrote to Javers, “it would not take long before the office humbled him or her.”

So what would President Cuban do? The Shark Tank star told CNBC that his campaign would focus primarily on economic issues, including income inequality, college debt, overhauling the tax system, equities markets and cybersecurity. He also identified his political ideology as being most in line with American Libertarianism.

Check out the clip, via CNBC:

UPDATE–5:29 p.m. ET: In a subsequent correspondence with CNN Money, Cuban told Brian Stelter that “[he has] no interest in running” for president again Trump, Clinton or anyone else currently campaigning for the 2016 election.

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