Sharpton And Guests Tear Into Fox News, Limbaugh For ‘Vitriolic’ Attacks Against Michelle Obama

First Ladies are generally less politically scorned than their husbands, but Al Sharpton noticed tonight the kind of vitriol being thrown Michelle Obama‘s way for her healthy eating initiative Let’s Move! He took Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to task for their surprising level of derision aimed at Michelle Obama, including the occasional personal attack. Sharpton wondered exactly when it stopped being off-limits for people to heap this kind of scorn on the First Lady.

Goldie Taylor made it clear Obama’s program is not about new regulations, but instead inspiring parents and merely encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Sharpton ran clips of Fox hosts and Limbaugh (who has nicknamed the First Lady “Moochelle”) going after her for “just about anything,” even for taking part in the Oscars. He asked, “Wasn’t this like off-limits, attacking the first lady” with these kind of “vociferous attacks”?

Patricia Murphy said the Obama White House has constantly gotten an “unusual level of attacks from the right,” even for something as innocent as a healthy eating campaign. Sharpton found it outrageous how Limbaugh even mocked the First Lady’s weight, calling the statements “disrepectful” and “vitriolic.” Taylor found some irony in Limbaugh insulting someone else’s weight, before pinning the problem on the right’s “Obama derangement syndrome.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:


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