Sharpton: ‘Easy’ for GOP to Condemn Bundy’s Racism, What About Anti-Gov’t Views?

Plenty of Republicans and conservative pundits have been quick to condemn Cliven Bundy‘s racist remarks today, but Al Sharpton doesn’t think they’re going far enough. Sharpton was disturbed not just by Bundy’s racism, but by his powerfully anti-government views and wondering why they haven’t been similarly condemned. He asked, “Have you ever heard of elected officials encouraging people to break the law?”

Former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer said, of Fox News and all the conservatives who held up Bundy as a folk hero, “They invited this skunk right into their tea party and they can’t get the smell out fast enough.” The Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank added that the anti-government movement “has been inextricably tied to racist movements,” partly because the federal government has “protected the rights of minorities.”

Sharpton said it’s “easy” for Republicans to condemn Bundy’s racism, but argued if they really want to distance themselves from Bundy they should also denounce his lawlessness and anti-government views. Schweitzer didn’t like that Bundy’s supporters are trying to “intimidate the United States of America at the point of a gun,” while Milbank said the scrambling to step as far away from Bundy as possible is what happens when you try to “play footsie with extremist movements.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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