Sharpton Says ‘Rand Paul Is Right,’ Wonders How This’ll Hurt Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul is right” are perhaps the last words you’d ever expect to come out of Al Sharpton‘s mouth. But a militarized police response to the protests in Ferguson, Mo., has, indeed, made strange bedfellows this week.

While discussing the topic du jour with Morning Joe, Sharpton admitted that he believes the libertarian-leaning Sen. Paul (R-KY) was correct in his TIME op-ed excoriating police militarization and the troubling racial disparities in law enforcement.

Sharpton later suggested Paul’s beliefs on this issue will “change the tenor” in the Republican Party, but will also put pressure on Hillary Clinton to step up her game with race issues. “Rand Paul could be something of use to all sides,” he said after explaining that the civil rights community already has a lot of questions about the Clintons’ actions.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

[h/t NewsBusters / Charlie Spiering]

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