She ‘Can Barely Speak English’: Fox’s Kilmeade Blasts Clinton for Having Alicia Machado Speak at Rally

kilmeadeHillary Clinton is teaming up with Alicia Machado again for her final days of the 2016 election, though it would seem that Fox & Friends is unimpressed.

The former Miss Universe has been a Clinton ally for some time, having spoken out against Donald Trump by telling her story about how he taunted her for gaining weight and then turned it into a public spectacle. Machado spoke at a Clinton rally yesterday, where she ripped the mogul as a “cruel” misogynist who openly objectifies women all the time.

While reviewing Clinton’s campaigning yesterday, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade concluded that she was “desperate” to bring back Machado and go on the offensive on the same day Trump gave a speech denouncing the Affordable Care Act. During his criticisms, Kilmeade decided to make a point about how Machado can “barely speak English.”

“When you wheel out Alicia Machado, who can barely speak English, in Florida to plead your case not to vote for the other guy, instead of saying, “This is what I will do as president after the fireworks show when I celebrate, this is what I’m going to do.” Instead she’s like, “Oh you’re not going to believe how bad the other guy is.”

It was during an interview that Trump gave to Fox & Friends back in September where the mogul revived his controversial treatment of Machado by talking about her weight.

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