‘Sheer Idiocy’: Ben Stein Goes Ballistic on Trump for ‘Horrifying’ Economic Ignorance

ben steinEconomist and Bueller-dropper Ben Stein basically used every single synonym of the word “insane’ to describe his reaction to Donald Trump‘s vision (or lack thereof) on the economy.

Trump has recently warned about an impeding recession and the bursting of a financial bubble, and after listening to some of Trump’s remarks, Stein told CNN’s Pamela Brown, “In all my years as an economist… I have never seen such nonsense as we just heard if from Mr. Trump and it breaks my heart, it makes me want to cry.”

He said Trump’s talk is akin to saying “men from Mars are coming down’ and “he’s gonna flap his wings and fly.”

As far as Stein is concerned, Trump has no idea what he’s talking about on economics and it’s “horrifying” and if there is a recession coming, “he doesn’t know.”

Stein even said that the only reason people could think Trump’s “wacky” ideas on economics are actually good is “sheer idiocy.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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