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Shep Interviews Accuser: Alvin Greene Story Transitions From Odd To Creepy

FNC’s Shepard Smith conducted the benchmark Alvin Greene interview yesterday, but he, like every subsequent sit-down, was not able to get the South Carolina Senate candidate to talk about that felony pornography charge.

Today Shep interviewed the woman accusing Greene of this – and now this whole thing has just become creepy.

Camille McCoy was the 19-year-old accusing Greene of the crime. According to Smith, this took place in October in a college computer lab. “Dude comes up and says do you like football,” said Shep, and showed her a picture. “When you looked at the pictures what did he show you?” asked Smith.

McCoy: It was porn.
Smith: What do you mean it was porn? Help us understand specifically without skeeving us out.
McCoy: It was woman on man porn. You know pretty much sex I guess. So, I wasn’t really looking…

“I could not believe that this man was running, and won,” said McCoy (the AP contacted her after Greene’s victory).

Obviously, Greene is innocent until proven guilty. So, there’s that. Also – everything else. Good luck, South Carolina.

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