Shep Smith And Guest Rip Into CNN/Piers Morgan’s ‘Interview’ With Casey Anthony

Shepard Smith was quite vocally not happy with the level of journalism going on in Piers Morgan Tonight. On today’s Studio B, Smith tore into the CNN host for the “big get” that Casey Anthony has not lost weight.

“We didn’t hear it,” Smith said of the interview while recapping the major highlights from the interview with Morgan (“if you haven’t heard of him, he’s the guy who replaced the Larry King”). He mocked the story several times in a booming anchor voice: “Scoop: This is CNN Breaking News, Casey Anthony has not gained weight!” He noted that he “mostly respects” the work of other news stations and that CNN news is not represented by what Morgan’s show does in a general sense.

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PR expert Fraser Seitel added that he thought the interview was “perfect” from the perspective of Casey Anthony, because “they made Piers Morgan their spokesman,” and even though most people won’t have any sympathy for Anthony now, it’s one foot back into the door of the public eye.

“I think she should call Phil Keating, our correspondent,” Smith added, “that’ll be different– that’s why she won’t call.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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