Shep Smith: Aren’t You ‘Duty-Bound’ to Say Something If You Believe Trump Is Unfit for Office?


With the release of Michael Wolff’s explosive tell-all about the Trump administration, there has been a renewed discussion about President Donald Trump’s mental fitness. Wolff has personally helped push that conversation to the forefront by claiming that 100% of the people close to the president question his fitness for office.

During their regular Friday afternoon chat, Fox News’ Shep Smith and Chris Wallace discussed Wolff’s book and the chatter that has resulted surrounding the president’s mental facilities. After Wallace said the book was a “hot topic” in Washington, Smith wondered aloud about Wolff’s claims that everyone surrounding Trump believes he has no business being president.

“Question — if you are of the belief that the president of the United States is unfit, if you have access to the most powerful man in the world, the man who is in charge of a nuclear arsenal that can annihilate the planet, and you believe he is mentally or otherwise unfit, you have an obligation to step forward,” Smith stated. “Not to talk to a writer who has a semi-permanent seat in the West Wing. You have an obligation — you’re duty-bound to come forward and say ‘I don’t believe Donald Trump is fit for office and we’re in danger as a result.’ Do you not?”

Wallace responded by saying that was “probably true” but that there’s a “big if in there,” adding that one has to “assume he’s mentally unfit.” The Fox News Sunday host noted that he’s talked to a number of administration officials and he’s “never heard” any of them raise those concerns.

“Remember, he’s the duly elected President of the United States — 60 million people voted for him to be president,” Wallace continued. “I certainly don’t know there’s anything that he’s done so far. You can say a lot of it is unconventional. I’m not sure he’s done anything that has endangered the country. There’s a big leap there between saying we need to have him removed from office and the current state of affairs.”

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