Shep Smith Bets Earnest ‘Every Penny I Will Ever Make’ That Saudis Won’t Join Anti-ISIS Coalition

Fox’s Shep Smith is so certain that countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia will not join the United States in an anti-ISIS military coalition that he is willing to bet his salary on it.

On Thursday afternoon Smith interviewed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, via satellite, and pressed him rather hard on whether our military strikes against ISIS strongholds will be “giving them exactly what they want” — the opportunity to use civilian deaths as an anti-American recruiting device.

Earnest replied that there will be a broad anti-ISIS coalition, including Muslim countries, but Smith remained unconvinced.

“There will be no commitment from [Saudi Arabia and Jordan],” the anchor declared. “I will bet every penny I will ever make at this network.”

“That’s a substantial bet,” Earnest said with nervous laughter.

“It is a big bet, and it is a good bet,” the anchor continued, “because it’s not going to happen and the whole world knows it.”

Watch below, via Fox:

[h/t Andrew Johnson]
[Image via Fox/screengrab]

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