Shep Smith Blasts Time Warner Cable: I Could Scream At Them Til ‘Cows Come Home And Make New Cows!

Fox News’ Shepard Smith is at his very best when he’s going “off-book,” so to speak. Whether he’s launching into a diatribe on the evils of AT&T, giving an impassioned speech about the war in Afghanistan or the war on drugs, or temporarily distracted by candidates’ sometimes questionable fashion choices or where one should place one’s bellybutton, he’s entertaining, insightful, and plain fun to watch. Watching him go off on a rant about Time Warner, then, is nothing short of delightful.

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He invited Fox Business Network’s Shibani Joshi onto the show to explain how iPad 4G users are seeing their data plans gobbled up with the quickness (technical term) and their devices heating up to 116 degrees.

“I would use a WiFi connection,” Smith interjected, “if that Time Warner cable would get over there and fix it! It’s been six weeks! I’ve talked to ten people! They won’t fix it!”

“I could scream at Time Warner until the cows come home and make new cows,” he told Joshi. “And nothing would still happen!”

“You know why?” he asked her (bet she could guess!). “Because it’s Time Warner cable!” he cried, smacking his papers down on the table for emphasis.

Please never, ever change, Shep.

Do check it out, via Fox News:

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